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1 year

3.5 years: Japan/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Rendyl has 3.5 years experience in steel fixing
  • He is a hard-working person who is physically fit and able to lift heavy objects manually
  • His steel fixing experience is from Japan where he fabricated, assembled and installed steel and columns
  • He is currently based in Waikato
  • He has a Philippine Driver’s Licence




6 years: Kuwait

  • English 8/10
  • Ronilo has over 6 years of experience, gained from working in Kuwait
  • He is an experienced Steel Fixer, able to build, assemble and fix reinforcement bars for steel structures, walls, beams, columns and slabs
  • He can fabricate rings for columns and beams
  • Ronilo has experience working on projects such as universities and pump/water facilities
  • He is currently based in Kuwait
  • He has a Philippine Driver’s Licence