Turn Job Interviews into Job Offers!

Interviewing comes down to good preparation, selling yourself and setting yourself apart with very clear examples of your experience and achievements. Recruit NZ provides interview training to help you be as ready as you can be for that important interview.


Before we meet with you, we will ask a series of questions to gain an understanding of where you struggle when you are interviewing. Our coaching focus will concentrate on those areas. We will tailor competency based interview questions specific to the role you are applying for, so you feel prepared and ready for your interview.


During the training session we will help you to create interview responses that are honest, and that reflect your true skills and abilities. Often job seekers undersell themselves!


We will practice your answers with you until you are confident with the responses and their delivery. We also provide constructive feedback designed to empower you as the job seeker and make you feel confident selling yourself in your next interview.


Job Interview Preparation

We can help you improve your interview skills

Interview Training Session

We spend an hour preparing for your interview training. Interview questions are tailored to your current employment situation and we also review your CV. The training with you is an hour to make sure you are able to answer questions professionally and confidently.

Mock Interview

Nothing will prepare you better than this mock interview. We will spend an hour or more preparing for your interview. We will then spend an hour conducting the interview and coaching you on your replies to optimise your chance of being the successful applicant.