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Helping New Zealand Construction Business Owners Employ Skilled Migrants.

RecruitNZ follows structured professional, fully compliant processes to introduce Filipino skilled workers to New Zealand - so you won't take the risk of not complying and facing issues further down the track. We deal directly with SME and corporates and have excellent pricing for those businesses who are able to employ teams rather than individual workers.

Not only that - once we have the complete brief from you, we complete every step for you - from the initial job specification, the interviewing, the visa and legal aspects - right through to 'feet on the ground' and 90 Day review. We have your back every step of the way. To get started, please give me a call, or - I am Warkworth based and can meet you at your convenience to discuss your needs.

On this web page, we have prepared some information for you to get an overview of migrant recruitment and how to avoid some of the pitfalls - you can get a copy of the Immigration NZ Employer Guide here. We recommend you check it out before speaking with any recruiters because the employer is responsible for following regulations. Don't be misled!

Tanya Gray, Owner - RecruitNZ

How much would it change your working life to have a ready supply of skilled, experienced, reliable workers available - come meet some of them.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Migrant Recruitment


What employers want and need to know first is that the process of recruiting from the Philippines itself is ever changing and not straightforward - which is why it makes sense to have a local, experienced business like RecruitNZ take care of everything for you.

Costs are only slightly higher than local recruitment, and there are one or two requirements of you the employer once your new employee lands in New Zealand, but once their initial needs are covered, you will have a dedicated, hard working employee for the duration of their stay. Filipinos are excellent employees on the whole and fit well into the New Zealand way of life.


What Our Clients Say About Us!

We have worked with Recruit NZ for several years, and utilised both their National and Migration recruitment services, as well as having used their sister companies Consulting HQ and VisaAide services. Melissa has been my main point of contact for many recruitment processes, and we have developed a strong working relationship, where I feel that she understands our business and genuinely cares about the impact each new hire will have on our business. After working with Melissa to assess the suitability of several candidates from overseas, we have engaged Recruit NZ’s services to hire from the Philippines for skill shortages that are hard to fill in our region. We are excited to be growing our company with local and international talent, with Recruit NZ as our partner.

Peter Burgess | Cabtec

Recruit NZ was recommended to Unex Systems by a local business. Our business was growing and looking to hire a few key roles, some which were new to our business. Recruit NZ took the time to really get to know our business and our existing team. They then helped us shape the roles, and managed the recruitment process professionally from end to end. My key recruiter has been Melissa, and recently we have extended our relationship from just recruiting locally for key roles, to trusting Recruit NZ to find us skilled team members from overseas when local candidates are not available. I have found the standard of process, communication, and ultimately the end result in hiring top talent has been very pleasing.

Lincoln Thomas | Unex

RecruitNZ is an experienced International Recruitment Agency.

RecruitNZ has a specialist International Recruitment Division dedicated to finding the right skills for your business. We process recruitment from end to end - completing all the paperwork for you and ensuring all documentation is fully correct. We even have a Visa Specialist in our office. You can relax and focus on running your business. Skilled workers from the Philippines make the best employees and are very willing to work hard.

Let us help you optimise your business productivity and meeting your business goals.