Sometimes there can be a skill shortage in specialised areas of business. It can be frustrating when your business is in growth mode: there’s massive demand for what you’re doing, but you really can’t find the right skills to match your position description.

RecruitNZ has expertise not just in recruitment methods for recruiting from overseas, but also in obtaining working visas to reduce your timeline from application to induction.

Industry based skill shortage is a recognised issue in New Zealand. The NZ Government publishes lists on Immediate Skills Shortages, and Long Term Skills Shortages – enabling people with qualifications and experience in the areas where employee demand exceeds supply to more easily gain working visas.

There are strict rules and processes to be followed, and in some cases country-specific criteria, so employers wishing to recruit from overseas are well advised to use the services of an experienced recruitment agency.

If you are considering employing a skilled worker from the Philippines, here's what you need to be able to commit to:

Firstly, you must have already explored filling the employment opportunity with someone with the required skills who already has the right to live and work in New Zealand. You need to be able to prove that you have done this by producing paid advertisements and any other documentation as evidence of your attempts to find skilled workers.

If you have completed your search and found no suitable candidates, you must then consider if you are able to commit to employing a migrant worker for a minimum of 30 paid hours per week for the duration of the contract. This is in place to prevent employers bringing in temporary workers, who are then later unemployed. Ensuring that the migrants are employed longer term enables the system to function effectively.

If you are able to provide ongoing work for your migrant employees, you must then consider if you are able to commit to providing accommodation for them for a minimum period when they first arrive - ideally close to the location of your business so that they can be assured on being able to get transport to and from work easily. You may also be required to provide transportation to and from work as part of the employment agreement. All employers are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their employees, but none more than the employer of migrant workers. The Philippines Government takes a keen interest in the wellbeing of their people working abroad.

If you meet all of these requirements, we should talk about the costs involved in bringing a skilled migrant worker into your business. There are costs for each employee, but compared to the cost of losing business due to not have the skills available, the costs are manageable.

Almost all New Zealand employers bringing skilled migrant workers from the Philippines to their business are very happy with the work ethic and the good-natured approach of the Filippinos. This is a nation of skilled, hard working people who value and respect the opportunity to have an income. Being employed is very much not something taken for granted in the Filipino culture. Where the odd employee does not fit in, or does not have the skills required, we will replace them (contact us for full details). RecruitNZ is an end to end Recruitment Agency, and Migrant Recruitment is no exception.

What Are The Costs Involved with Migrant Recruitment?

The cost associated with migrant recruitment include the extras specific to this type of recruitment, but otherwise are in line with the cost of local recruitment, and in almost every case a sound investment. Employees from the Philippines are very engaged in their work and are very productive. They get along with most people and are happy to be working in New Zealand. They stay in a job for longer, and do not become restless as many other cultures do. Often (although not always) you will be recruiting a slightly more mature person who contributes well in many unexpected ways.

Costs include the one-off payment to the Philippines Government Agency (POEA), the Working Visa (which can only be obtained through POEA) and recruitment agency costs. Where a recruitment agency such as RecruitNZ is used, the follow-up HR processes are included, as is the position description, candidate screening and the 90-day review. You will be free to carry on running your business - and, importantly, you will have a fully resourced business - meaning you are able to take on more projects and contracts.

Here is a summary of how overseas recruitment works

We partner with Government accredited agencies in the Philippines to recruit specific roles in order to comply 100% with requirements. If you’d like us to recruit for you, we would like to meet you to find out more details and to discuss the process in more detail.

Our overseas recruitment partners initially identify a candidate short-list. From there, we start the process of collecting CVs and candidate screening.

As well as work related questions, we will be assessing English language skills, visa eligibility and motivation for moving to NZ.

We then share details for the best candidates with you for your feedback - saving you time and effort.

Once all the screening and testing results are in, we’ll arrange Skype interviews.

If you are happy with the candidate(s), we conduct the usual pre-employment checks and reference checking.

Every situation is different, but generally speaking, the process will be the same. To get more information specific to your business and industry, please contact us for a one to one discussion on available migrant employees already in New Zealand, and those who are available via Philippines Overseas Employment Agencies.

The entire process is easy for you, as we’ll be doing all the form filling.

Why recruit in the Philippines

Why recruit from the Philippines?

We work with a Government-accredited agency in the Philippines to ensure the recruitment process is following the strict regulatory requirements of the Philippines Government. Filipino workers are well thought of, as they are generally:

  1. Very skilled and experienced workers: Filipinos have high standards of work and excellent qualifications – which translate well into NZQA standards.
  2. They speak great English: the education system in the Philippines teaches English from a young age, so the majority of Filipinos are fluent English speakers.
  3. Great work attitude: Filipinos are dedicated and hard workers. They are problem solvers and enjoy harmonious environments and relationships – i.e. they are great team players.
  4. Very motivated to move to New Zealand: Filipinos are familiar with New Zealand life, culture and values, and can’t wait to move here.
  5. Recruitment connections: We have partners on the ground who have a list of candidates waiting for us.

Frequently Asked Questions On Migrant Skilled Worker Recruitment

Q: Does RecruitNZ manage the entire recruitment process?
A: Yes. We will look after the entire process end to end. Full details are included in the Terms of Trade.
Q: Does RecruitNZ have a Licensed Immigration Adviser on staff?
Cameron Gray at VisaAide ( is a NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser and works out of the RecruitNZ office and works closely with the RecruitNZ team.
Q: Do migrant workers have the same employment rights as New Zealand workers?
A: It is a legal requirement as part of the agreement between the Philippines government and the New Zealand Employment Relations Authority that workers from the Philippines have the same rights as New Zealand employees. In addition to this, there are requirements for minimum hours, assistance with housing and transportation between work and home. All this is discussed in detail with you prior to candidate selection. Q: Will I have the right to put in place a 90-day trial period?
Yes, exactly the same regulations as a New Zealand worker apply to migrant workers.
Q: What if the employee doesn’t work out?
A: We provide a 90-day replacement on all employees, as does our Philippines partner. In the unlikely event that the employee is not capable of undertaking the tasks required we are able to terminate their employment under the 90-day trial. This is covered in greater detail in our terms of trade.
Q: What else am I required to do?
A: You are required to provide accommodation for the first three months of employment. If the accommodation does not suit the employee after that period he or she may relocate. Ideally, this accommodation should be near public transport so that they may socialise easily. Filipinos with a valid licence are able to drive in NZ on this licence for up to 12 months. However, as many Filipinos do not drive, you must also provide transport to and from work, and you are responsible for their general wellbeing while in New Zealand. These measures are requirements by the Government of the Philippines.
Q: How do I know that I am following a legally compliant process?
A: RecruitNZ always has the best interests of both employers and employees at heart. In the case of Filipino migrant recruitment we abide by and commit to staying current with POEA legal requirements (Philippines Overseas Employment Authority) as well as NZ Employment Law. The POEA rules and regulations are continuously being updated with the purpose of preventing Filipino workers being taken advantage of, making migrant recruitment from the Philippines an increasingly regulated process between the governments of both countries.