Migrant Recruitment in New Zealand
Migrant Recruitment in New Zealand

A huge part of what is termed ethical recruitment is understanding the requirements of pastoral care.

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Pastoral Care – What’s it all about?

Employing skilled migrants has employer responsibilities that standard NZ Resident employment does not.

RecruitNZ feels strongly about employers taking care of all workers, but skilled migrants, in particular, are vulnerable to exploitation. On this page you will learn more about pastoral care – and also get an insight into the life changes experienced by some of the fabulous hard-working, fun-loving Filipinos now working in New Zealand.

Migrant Recruitment in New Zealand

Ethical Recruitment

Recruitment Process Costs

The employer can expect the candidates to have pre-screened for health and ability before interviewing begins, and all candidates will have a current valid passport prior to application.

Where the candidate is being considered for a position, all recruitment related costs must be met by the employer – including visa processing costs, trade testing & travel to New Zealand for successful candidates.

Arrival in New Zealand

Migrant workers arriving in New Zealand must be met at the airport by a representative of the employer and taken to their accommodation – which must be provided free of charge to the migrant employees for a minimum of 12 weeks after arrival. It is fine, however, to accommodate several Filipino employees in one dwelling.

Transportation to and from the work site must be provided for your new employees for a  minimum period of 12 weeks after arrival.

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