Anita Llewell

Wealth Bee

My experience with RecruitNZ started in April 2017, giving me the privilege of working with consultant Rose Haines.

Being on the employment hunt can be a very nervous time, which can carry its fair share of rejection.

With Rose’s professional, confident, friendly and easy going manner, the process was made less fearful.

What I found valuable, was she kept her finger on the pulse during the whole process. With her ongoing contact, I was made to feel important and a high priority.

During our first phone calls, I found Rose to have strong rapport building skills. Not just asking profession based questions, but also wanting to learn about me as a person. Clearly having done her research on the firm, the knowledge she was able to pass on helped me in the decision making process.

It’s been a pleasure working with Rose and I recommend Recruit NZ to any Employer.

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Tanya Gray highly driven individual, passionate about helping business owners understand and enjoy the recruitment process.